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Online Courses

Combine Online Courses with live learning (from school, tuitions, etc) and experience the smartest way to crack your exam.

Your Pace Learn at your own pace

In a live setting we often miss certain key concepts either because the teacher is going too fast or too slow or because we just aren’t in the learning mood. With our online course, pause, replay, fast forward teacher explanations however many times you like, until you have fully understood and nailed down every concept to the tee.

Study Smart Optimize Knowledge Intake

Some students like to watch our lessons before attending live classes, as it then becomes much easier to keep up with teachers in a live setting and clear doubts. Others like to watch our lessons after attending live classes in order to re-enforce understanding of concepts and obtain subject mastery. You can use either strategy or even a blend of both, whatever works best for you.

Amazing Teachers Amazing Teachers

Our teachers are awesome at what they do. They not only break down concepts into easy to understand fragments but also show you the tips, tricks and question patterns needed to crack the exam. Based on your learning style, you can rely on our courses as either your sole study companion or combine it with your live tuitions. Both work wonders.

Flexibility Flexibility

Our courses can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Learning has never been so easy and efficient.

What it is not...

  • It is not a recording of a live tuition. We do not simply repackage the audio and video from a live tuition and present it to you as something new.

  • It is not just a PowerPoint slideshow nor merely a series of Acrobat handouts. We will walk you through the material and not leave all the work up to you.

  • It is not a scheduled meeting. We do not force you to watch or download a lesson only within a given window of time.

  • It is above all nothing like anything else in the market today. We will let our products and instructors speak for themselves; the satisfaction and results will follow.

What it is...

  • It is the result of dedicated teachers who take the time to record lessons designed to break down the subject material to the core concepts; who clarify what is needed to ace your exam. All online courses come with video lessons covering the entire syllabus material, accompanying outlines and notes, and practice problems. Everything available at a live tuition (except for the live teaching) will be provided in our online course.

  • It is the convenience of determining your own pace and number of viewings; of learning at the comfort of your favorite location; of not having to travel to a live tuition. You can view any and all lessons for your course from the time you activate your account to the day of the exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can view the lessons. You are in complete control.

  • It is the customer service that will promptly address your concerns; that will work to fix any problems quickly; that will always listen to you. Our instructors will answer your questions via email or through our discussion forums. On occasion, a video reply will be recorded and made available for viewing here.

  • It is our commitment to you that you will receive everything needed and more to pass your exam with flying colors, and that you will not be disappointed. Please send us comments if we can improve our service or help you in any way. We are growing and so if you like what you see thus far, just wait until we show you what we can really do!
I want to thank everyone on the Infinite Student Team for setting up such a great way to help students and parents. The video lessons and problem sets made by the teachers are outstanding and highly commendable. For example, at school (The Cathedral and John Connon School), I never really fully understood teacher explanations until I started seeing these video lessons. The video lessons are extremely graphic and help students understand concepts in a very practical and innovative way, allowing us to learn everything we need to know without having to mug chapter after chapter from textbooks...
Radhika Singh, Cathedral and John Connon School
Excellent! Thank you so much!
The online courses are simply amazing.
I learned so much so easily, absolutely incredible!
Rohan Shroff, Hiranandani School
I'm on Infinite Student all the time!
I really enjoy learning from the website.... Thanks!
Suveer Mehra, Jamnabai School
The help from Infinite Student has been very much appreciated!!!
Nearly everyone in Gokuldham High School has been hooked to it. We took a lot of reference from the video lessons. Even the prelim papers you supplied at the last moment were simply a delight. Thanks a lot :D
Noorita Karnik, Gokuldham School
Thanks for all the help.
The video lessons and practice tests were just great!
Hargun Singh, Poddar School
Infinite Student is superb... Damn helpful... You'll are doing a great job!
Thank you so much
Heet Chheda, Activity School
It's a pleasure to study at my own pace on the computer and it helps me too much in my studies..... Thank you!
Ronak Parekh, C.N.M School
I just love the courses!
Anay Shah, Jamnabai School
  • Study Smart Study Smart
  • Always on time Learn More in Less Time
  • Comprehensive Approach Most Comprehensive Approach
  • exam-score Improve Exam Scores Substantially